Two Dimensional Materials Research Group is led by Dr. Lain-Jong Li (Lance Li) at Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. We are focusing on exploring fundamentals and applications of graphitic carbon materials, and metal dichalcogenide.

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             2012.11.8  Nature Nanotechnology, CVD synthesis of MoS2 layers

          2012.8.23  Solid State Technology  Molybdenum disulfide has all the 2D potential of graphene, with a bandgap

          2012.07.26 Chem & Eng News Molybdenum Disulfide Enables Flexible Transistors

          2012 Materials View Testing with Tiny Transistors


Metal Dichalcogenide

Growth of Large-Area and Highly Crystalline MoS2 Thin Layers on Insulating Substrates                                 (Nano Lett. 2012)


Highly Flexible MoS2 Thin-Film Transistors with Ion Gel Dielectrics              (Nano Lett. 2012)


Direct Growth on Insulators:                          (Nano Lett.  2011)


Band Gap Opening with Molecular Doping:  electrical On/Off current is improved and band gap is up to 110 meV.  (ACS Nano  2011)


Symmetry breaking: G-phonon splitting was induced by from molecular adsorption on graphene (Phy. Rev. Lett  2009)

Dirac point shift of CVD-grown graphene can be used to detect DNA hybridization (down to 10 pM)   (Adv. Mater.  2010)


Graphene Oxide

Electrochemical Exfoliation to obtain high quality graphene sheets  (ACS Nano   2011)

Movie Clip Available


Largest graphene oxide single layer( 3mm in lateral size) obtained from solution processes.                     (Chem. Mater.  2009)


Graphitic domain size in reduced graphene oxide sheet ?                        (ACS Nano 2010)