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local currency and state currency, Solomon Islands.(photo by Pei-yi Guo 2008)

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..:: About "Ratagu"...


" Ratagu" means" my name" in Langalanga.

I am an anthropologist and an Associate Research Fellow (equal to Associate Professor) in the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

I'm most interested in the relationships between human and things in contemporary and historic Oceania.

The goal of my research is to understand and represent human complexity.

My major field sites have been in the Langalanga Lagoon, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. In recent years I also explore and compare colonial modernities in Melanesia, Micronesia and Taiwan.

..:: News :.

 Wu Ta-you award 2010 (by National Science Council, Taiwan)
Law as Discourse, Pacific Studies (2011)
Torina (boatbuilding magic) and 'copycat', Pacific Asia Inquiry (2011)
'When Landscape Encounters the Law', Journal of Archaeology and Anthropology 69 (special issue on Critical Studies on Landscape in Contemporary Austronesian Societies)

Transnational Taiwan, Taiwan’s Transnationality New Book (selected by Academia Sinica as one of the significant research results in 2009)

'Negotiating Currency',Taiwan Journal of Anthropology 6(2)

'Separate Space, Negotiating Power' ,in Religious and Ritual Change

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