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Housing Reservation Starts on 2/6
To safe your travel budgets, twelve contracted hotels provide corporate rates to SCBA participants. You can only get these benefit rates by booking through this website (the reservation instruction will be listed below). Please note the room reservation deadline is May 22, 2009 (Friday). Participants who missed the deadline should reserve oneˇ¦s room by oneself.

How to reserve a room
Step 1: click left icon ˇ§Registration Informationˇ¨ and move to the end of the page
Step 2: click the ˇ§On-Line Registrationˇ¨ icon and log-in with your registered email and password
Step 3: click left icon ˇ§Accommodationˇ¨, choose your favor hotel, move to the end of the page, fill out all required information, and click ˇ§Submitˇ¨.

How do I know my room is reserved?
After your room is reserved by hotels, you will receive a system-sent confirmation email. You may also log-in the website (as the above two steps) and click the left icon ˇ§Show My Dataˇ¨ for all your register information.

Do I have to pay the room rental before check in?
No. We provide room reservation without any pre-charge but only require credit card number for reservation guarantee as hotelsˇ¦ request. Please settle your room payment with hotel before check out.


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