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    SCBA is the largest professional society for Chinese bioscientists in United States and Canada. This is the second time SCBA holds its biennial meeting in Taipei, Taiwan. The first one in Taipei was held in 2001. The 2009 International Symposium is organized by SCBA, the Academia Sinica (AS) and the National Health Research Institutes (NHRI), with principal sponsorship from AS, NHRI, The National Science Council, Executive Yuan, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, the College of Life Science of the National Taiwan University and Biophysical Society of R.O.C. and several distinguished co-sponsors. SCBA also anticipates that additional universities, institutes and industrial corporate supporters will join as co-sponsors of this exciting and unprecedented meeting. About 1,000 V 1,500 scientists from the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore are anticipated to participate in this 4.5 day conference.

    The principal theme of this unique meeting is Science for a Healthier and Better Life and it will feature Nobel Laureates, various Members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, the Academia Sinica of Taiwan and the Chinese Academy and Institutes and about 170 invited speakers who are leaders in cutting-edge research and development in biological, medical and biotechnological sciences. These scientists will present their research and hypothesis in four plenary sessions and 32-40 different workshops. SCBA also anticipates over 150 poster presentations from scientists, investigators and students from various parts of the world.

The official language of the symposium will be English.

Additional Programs
In addition to the scientific program, there are also a number of active social programs, including a welcome reception on Sunday evening, poster viewing, a closing banquet with entertainment and local sightseeing excursions after the symposium.


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