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Program (download) - June 06, 2009

Keynote Speakers
Robert Tjian, University of California, Berkeley
Chi-Huey Wong, Academia Sinica, Taipei
Samuel Waxman, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, New York
Michael Lai, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan
Jean Shih, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Xiao-Dong Wang, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Dallas

“Science for a Healthier and Better Life”

14A. Genomic medicine: Y chromosome, germ cell and gonad development
14B. Environmental carcinogenesis and cancer prevention
14C. New Drug Development and Therapeutics

1. Aquacultural and Agricultural Biology 水產養殖及農業生物
    1A•Fisheries and Aquaculture
    1B•Plant Biology
2. Entrepreneurship 科技企業
    2A•Changing Career Leaderships between Academia and Industry
    2B•Entrepreneurs in Action
3. Biotechnology & Nanotechnology 生物科技及奈米科技
    3A•Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine
    3B•Academic Driven Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine
4. Cancer Biology 癌生物學
    4A•Prognostic and Predictive Biomarkers for Cancer
    4B•Cancer Cell Signaling
    4C•Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis
    4D•Targeted Cancer Therapy for Personalized Cancer Care: From bench to bedside
5. Epigenetics and Epigenomics 表觀遺傳學及表觀基因體學
    5A•Environmental Epigenetics and Cancer Susceptibility
    5B•DNA Damage Responses in Genome Maintenance and Cancer
    5C•Chromatin Epigenetic Modification and Cancer
6. Neuroscience 神經科學
    6A•Neurodegenerative Diseases and Neural Repair
    6B•Neural Development
    6C•Neural Plasticity
    6D•Cognitive Neuroscience
7. Pharmacology and Chinese Medicine 藥理學及中草藥
    7A•Pharmacology and Chinese Medicine
    7B•GPCRs as Novel Drug Targets
8. Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine 幹細胞生物學和再生醫學
    8A•Mechanism and Regulation
    8B•New Approach and Reprogramming
    8C•Disease and Tissue Regeneration
9. Structural Biology 結構生物學
    9A•Structural and Mechanistic Analysis of Channel Proteins and Viruses
    9B•Decoding Binding Specificity and Signal Pathways Through Structural Characterization
10. Systems Biology 系統生物學
    10A•Molecular Signaling in Obesity/Diabetes
    10B•Metabolic Engineering and Communication
    10C•Systems Biology
11. Chemical Biology & Enzymology 化學生物學及酵素學
    11A•Chemical Basis of Enzyme Catalysis
    11B•Drug Discovery
12. Immunology and Infectious Diseases 免疫學和傳染病
    12A•Viral Pathogenesis, Anti-viral and Anti-cancer Therapies
    12B•Infection and Immunity
    12C•Signaling and Transcriptional Regulation in the Immune System
13. Post-translational modification 後轉譯修飾
    13A•Protein Phosphatase
    13B•Protein Sumoylation in Cell Signaling

Program Schedule
  June 14
June 15
June 16
June 17
June 18
Poster set up
8:30-9:15   Opening Ceremony (CH)
Robert Yu,
Chi-Huey Wong,
Kenneth K. Wu, and
Andrew H.-J. Wang
Plenary Keynote Lecture 2 (CH)
Chi-Huey Wong
Plenary Keynote Lecture 4 (CH)
Michael Lai
Plenary Keynote Lecture 6 (CH)

Xiaodong Wang
Xiaocheng Gu
& Robert Yu
9:15-10:00   Plenary Keynote Lecture 1 (CH)
Robert Tjian
Plenary Keynote Lecture 3 (CH)
Jean C. Shih
Plenary Keynote Lecture 5 (CH)
Samuel Waxman
10:00-10:30   Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30-12:30   4 concurrent sessions
4D (CH)
5C (CR1)
8A (CR2)
1C (CR3)
4 concurrent sessions
4A (CH)
3A (CR1)
8B (CR2)
10A (CR3)
4 concurrent sessions
4B (CH)
3B (CR1)
7A (CR2)
10B (CR3)
Coffee Break
3 concurrent sessions
4C (CH)
6C (CR1)
10C (CR2)
12:30-13:30   Lunch Break
(lunch box)
Lunch Break
(lunch box)
Lunch Break
(lunch box)
SFMA mini-symposium
“Leading Frontier in Medical and Molecular Research”
Lecture Hall B1
National Taiwan University
Children’s Hospital
Kuan-Teh Jeang (NIH)
Li-Min Huang (NTU)
13:30-15:30 14:00-17:00

Coffee Break

15:30 – 17:30
3 concurrent workshops
14A (CR2)
14B (CH)
14C (CR1)
4 concurrent sessions
6D (CH)
5A (CR1)
12A (CR2)
2A (CR3)
4 concurrent sessions
6B (CH)
5B (CR1)
12B (CR2)
2B (CR3)
4 concurrent sessions
6A (CH)
7B (CR1)
12C (CR2)
13A (CR3)
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:00-17:30 3 concurrent sessions
8C (CH)
1B (CR1)
9A (CR2)
3 concurrent sessions
11B (CH)
13B (CR1)
9B (CR2)
2 concurrent sessions
1A (CR1)
11A (CR2)
17:30-18:30 17:30 – 19:00
Poster session A
17:30 – 19:00
Poster session B
Poster Removal
18:30-21:00 18:00-20:00
Informal Reception
Opening Reception with Free dinner
Membership Meeting
SCBA Council Meeting
Closing Banquet
CH=Conference Hall; CR1,2,3=Conference Room 1,2,3


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