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Institution: Center for Geographic Information Science, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan


Team Members:

Dr. Ta-Chien Chan (Principal Investigator)

Mr. Chien-Min Wang (GIS Programmer)

Ms. Yung-Mei Lee (GIS Analyst)

Ms. Li-Ting Feng (GIS Analyst)



This application was supported by a grant from National Science Council, Taiwan, R.O.C. (NSC-102-2314-B-001-001).



Ta-Chien Chan, Chien-Min Wang, Yung-Mei Lee, Li-Ting Feng: GeoMasker 1.0. In. Taipei, Taiwan: Academia Sinica 2013.


Old versions:

1. GeoMasker v1.0 (release: 2013/6/3)

ArcGIS User Guide v1.0: Download

ArcGIS Toolbox (10.0, 10.1) v1.0: Download

2. GeoMasker v1.1 (release: 2013/9/4)

ArcGIS User Guide v.1.1: Download

ArcGIS Toolbox (10.0, 10.1) v1.1: Download

Latest versions:

3. GeoMasker v2.0 (release: 2015/1/6)

  ArcGIS Toolbox (10.0, 10.1) v2.0: Download