Discovery Studio 2.5 system Requirements


Operating System Requirements

Discovery Studio 2.5 is supported on Windows and Linux.





x86 (32-bit)


x86-64 (64-bit)


On Windows systems, Administration privileges are required. 64-bit Windows support is provided using 32-bit binaries.





x86 (32-bit)


x86-64 (64-bit)


Discovery Studio is optimized for the GNOME Desktop. The root password is not necessary for Linux installations. 64-bit support is provided using 32-bit binaries.



Hardware Requirements


Note. The total hard disk space required for installation can vary between 600 MB and 4.4 GB, depending on the components selected for installation. Additional space is required if system updates are necessary or additional databases are installed (which may use up to 32 GB of disk space).


Graphics Cards

The Discovery Studio Client is optimized to provide hardware-accelerated graphics with supported NVIDIA and ATI hardware when certified drivers are installed. 3D stereo support is also available with hardware that provides quad-buffered OpenGL stereo capabilities.