Special Edition
Using Perl
Web Programming

David Harlan 翻譯:劉智漢, et al.


第一章  Perl 概述

2 章  CGI 簡介

3 章  進階表單處理及資料儲存

4 章  進階頁面輸出技巧

5 章  搜尋

第 9 章  了解 CGI 安全性

10 章  網站管理

Chapter 11   Database Interaction

Chapter 12   Database Application Using CGI

Chapter 13   Special Variables

Chapter 14   Operators

Chapter 15   Function List

Chapter 16   Subroutine Definition

Appendix A   Perl 取得及安裝

Appendix B   Perl Web Reference

Appendix C   What's On the CD?


Special Edition Using Perl for Web Programming

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About the Authors

David Harlan's degree in American History and five years of experience in a security department at a small university may make him seem to be an unlikely author for a high-end programming book. But computers have always been a key part of his day-to-day activities. He learned programming (and was just short of a computer science degree) at the University of Puget Sound. After graduation, he stayed on at Puget Sound as assistant director of security for five years before joining Canyon Online Media in Seattle, where he helped develop the company's commercial Web site. Currently, he is a member of the Web development team at White Horse Studios in Portland, Oregon.

Micheal O Foghlu is now a lecturer in applied computing and information systems at Waterford Regional Technical College, Ireland (http://www.rtc-waterford.ie). Until September 1996, he worked in the computer services department of University College, Galway, Ireland (http://www.ucg.ie). His interests include Natural Language Processing, WWW programming and development, Linux, computing using the Irish language, and Z39.50. When not slaving over a hot computer, he is sometimes seen nursing a quiet pint while listening to loud Irish music and/or meandering through the hills in no particular direction. He can be contacted at the e-mail address ofoghlu@indigo.ie.

Paul Doyle has several years of experience in the planning, implementation, and management of networks in multiprotocol, multivendor environments. His specialist areas include client configuration and server management.

Shelley Powers is an incorporated independent contractor who has her own company, YASD. She works in and out of Portland, Oregon, and has worked with some of the leading companies in the Northwest. Shelley has worked with UNIX- and Windows-based client/server applications for several years; now she is working with Web application and development for both environments. She has written books on PowerBuilder 5.0 and on JavaScript. YASD's Web site is at http://www.yasd.com.

Matthew D. Healy performs a variety of tasks, ranging from UNIX system administration and database administration to building WWW front ends on top of Sybase, Msql, and Illustra relational databases at the Yale Center for Medical Informatics. He contributed to Special Edition Using CGI, also published by Que Corporation. Before joining YCMI, he was an engineer, a graduate student, a teaching assistant, and a LAN administrator-and always a rabid SF fan. Along the way, he earned a BS in engineering from Purdue and a PhD in zoology from Duke. He'd love to get e-mail at Matthew.Healy@yale.edu, and his home page (http://ycmi. med.yale.edu/~healy) always welcomes visitors. Scientific and technical prose constitutes something of a family affair for him-his wife edits medical journals, and his brother is a technical writer for a large software company.

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