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   Kamhon Kan 


     Institute of Economics| Academia Sinica




Recent Publications

  1. Chang, Simon, Kamhon Kan, Xiaobo Zhang (2021), “Too Many Men, Too-Short Lives: The Effect of the Male-Biased Sex Ratio on Mortality,” Journal of Human Resources,, accepted.

  2. Kan, Kamhon, Tat-Kei Lai (2021), “Educated to be trusting? Evidence from Europe,” Economics Letters,, 203, 109867.

  3. Yi-Chieh Huang, Kamhon Kan, Larry Y. Tzeng, Kili C. Wang (2020), “Estimating the Critical Parameter in Almost Stochastic Dominance from Insurance Deductibles,” Management Science, accepted.

  4. Li-Chen Hsu and Kamhon Kan (2020), “An Experimental Study on the Effects of Democracy on Tax Compliance,” Academia Economic Papers, forthcoming.

  5. Hsu, Yu-Chin, Kamhon Kan, and Tsung-Chih Lai (2019), “Quantile Structural Treatment Effect: Application to Smoking Wage Penalty and its Determinants,” Econometric Review, forthcoming.

  6. 李浩仲、 李文傑、 連賢明、 王平、簡錦漢 (2019), 「哪類孩子最受教? 從政大校務資料看學生表現」 《經濟論文叢刊》, forthcoming.

  7. Chu, C.Y. Cyrus, Kamhon Kan, and Jou Chun Lin (2019), “Variations of Wealth Resemblance by Family Relationship Types in Modern Chinese families,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(14), 6548–6553.

Working papers

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