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International Journals

Lin, C.-C., Y.-c. Chang and K.-P. Chen (2020) “Knowledge in Youth is Wisdom in Age: An Empirical Study of Attorney Experience in Torts Litigation,” International Review of Law and Economics, 63, Article 105913.

Chen, K.-P., H.-p. Lai and Y. T. Yu (2018) "The Seller's Listing Strategy in Online Auctions: Evidence from Ebay", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 56, 107-44.

Chen, K.-P., S.-H. Hou, C.-H. Liu and C.-M. Wang (2017), “Optimal Listing Strategies in On-Line Auctions”, International Economic Review, 58, 412-37. (slide).

Chen, K.-P. and T.-S. Tsai (2015), “ Judicial Torture as a Screening Device,” B. E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 15, 277-312

Chen, K.-P., K. -C. Huang and C. -C. Lin (2015), "Party Capability versus Court Preference: Why the 'Haves' Come Out Ahead? - An Empirical Lesson from Taiwan Supreme Court", Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 31, 93-126. (slide)

Chen, K.-P., H.-p Lai and Y.-T. Yu (2014), "Do Consumers Discount Parallel Imports?" Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, 21, 58-77. (Slide)

Huang, K.-C., C.-C. Lin, and K.-P. Chen (2014), "Do the Rich and the Poor Behave Similarly in Seeking Advises? An Empirical Lesson from Taiwan," Law and Society Review, 48, 193-223.

Chen, J.-R., K.-P. Chen, C.-F Chou, and C.-I. Huang (2013), "A Dynamic Model of Auctions with Buy-Out Options: Theory and Evidence." (Appendix). Journal of Industrial Economics, 61, 393-429. (Slide)

Chen, K. -P and Y. -C. Huang (2012), "A Search-Matching Model of the Two-Sided Platforms", CESifo Economic Studies, 58, 626-49.

Huang, K. -C., K.-P. Chen, and C. C, Lin (2010) "An Empirical Investigation of Settlement and Litigation: The Case of Taiwanese Labor Disputes," Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 7, 786-810.

Huang, K.-C., K.- P. Chen, and C.-C. Lin (2010), " Does the Type of Criminal Defense Affect Case Outcomes? A Natural Experiment in Taiwan," International Review of Law and Economics, 30, 113-27. 

Chen, K-P. and J.S. Wang (2007), " Fee-Shifting Rules in Litigations with Contingency Fees,"  Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 23, 519-46.

Chen, K.-P. and C. C.-Y. Chu, (2005), "Internal Control and External Manipulation: A Model of Corporate Income Tax Evasion," Rand Journal of Economics, Spring, 36, 151-64. (Abstract) (PDF file)

Chen K.-P. and E. Niou (2005), " Term Limits as Response to Incumbency Advantage," The Journal of Politics, 67, 390-406. (Abstract).

Chen, K.-P. (2005), "External Recruitment as an Incentive Device," Journal of Labor Economics, 23, 259-77. (Abstract) (PDF file for working paper version)

Chen, K.-P. (2003), " Sabotage in Promotion Tournament," Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 19, 119-140. (Abstract)

Chen, K.-P., S.-H. Chiang, and S. F. Leung, (2003), "Migration, Family, and Risk Diversification," Journal of Labor Economics, 21, 353-80. (Abstract)

Chen, K.-P. and S. Z. Yang (2002), " Strategic Voting in Open Primaries," Public Choice, 112, 1-30. (Abstract)

Fann, C.-P., K.-P. Chen, and K. Kan (1998), "The Design of Payment System for Physicians under Global Budget---An Experimental Study", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 34, 295-311. (Abstract)

Chen, K.-P., H.-K. Chien and C. C.-Y. Chu (1997), "Sequential vs. Unitary Trials with Asymmetric Information," Journal of Legal Studies, 26, 239-258.(Abstract)

Chen, K.-P. (1996), "Compensation Principle in Repeated Games," Games and Economic Behavior, 16, 1-21. (Abstract)

Chen, K.-P. (1995), "Renegotiation-Proof Equilibrium Under Imperfect Monitoring," Journal of Economic Theory, 65, 600-610.(Abstract)


2. Local Publications

黃國昌, 林常青, 陳恭平 (2017), “台灣人民對法院的信任支持及觀感 以對法官判決之公正性及對法院表現的滿意度為中心”, 臺灣政治學刊, 21, 51-112.

張永健, 陳恭平, 劉育昇 (2016) , “無權佔有他人土地與相當於租金之不當得利 實證研究與政策建議”, 政大法學評論, 144, 81-153.

林常青 , 黃國昌,陳恭平 , 游雅婷 (2016),  “2011 年台灣人民法律紛爭面訪:設計及基本統計, 調查研究, 36, 87-123.

林常青,  陳恭平,  黃國昌,  賴宏彬  (2015), “台灣人民常見的法律紛爭類型及解決:城鄉差異、人口及社經特性,  台灣社會學刊, 58, 157-190.

Chen, K.-P., Y.-C. Huang and C.-H. Liu (2013), "Market Competition and the Internal Structure of the Firms," Taiwan Economic Review, 41, 49-75.

Huang, K.C., C.-C. Lin and K.-P. Chen (2010), "An Empirical Study of Informal Labor Mediation in Taiwan: The Comparison between Governmental Mediation and Organizational Mediation," Academia Sinica Law Journal, 7, 209-67. (In Chinese)

Chen, K.-P. and C.J. Hsieh (2010), "The Market for Digital Music: The Case of iPod and iTunes," Taiwan Economic Review, 38, 355-86. (In Chinese)

Wang, J.S., C.H. Huang and K.-P. Chen (2005), "Price and Quality Competition for Open Source Software," Taiwan Economic Review, 33, 115-47. (In Chinese)

Chen, K.-P. and H.-W. Koo (1998), "Global vs. Local Auction", Taiwan Economic Review, 26,193-208. (Abstract)

Wang, J.-S. and Chen K.-P. (1997), "Protection of the Bona Fides Third Party: An Application to Repeated Games," Taiwan Economic Review, 25, 293-307. (Abstract) (In Chinese)

Chen, K.-P. and C. C.-Y. Chu (1994), "Stock Price Manipulation in Taiwan", Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy, 6, 79-98. (In Chinese)


Chu, C. Y. and Chen, K.-P. (2005), Microeconomics, Tong Hua Press, Taiwan. (Graduate microeconomics text; in Chinese.)

Chapters in Books

Chen, K.-P., Qin, C.-Z. and Qiu, L D.(2004) "The Value of Multilateral Trade Liberalization and the Need for Third-Party Sanction." in Political Economy in Global World, pp. 55-65, S. Katayama and H. Ursprung ed., Springer. (Abstract)

Chen, K.-P. (1994), "Renegotiation-Proof Collusion under Imperfect Monitoring", in Industrial Structure and Fair-Trade Law, ed. by Wan-Wen Chu, Academia Sinica, Taipei. (in Chinese).

Working Papers

Chen, K-P., Jui-Chung Yang and Tzu-Ting Yang (2021), “Spontaneous Population Mobility and Demand for Transportation during the Pandemic: Evidence from Taiwan”, mimeo.

Chen, K.-P. Ting-Peng Liang, Sou-Yung Yin, Ted Chang, Yi-Chun Liu, Ya-Ting Yu (2020), “How Serious is Shill Bidding in Online Auctions? Evidences form eBay Motors,” mimeo.

Chang, Y-c., K.-P. Chen and C.-C. Lin (2015) “Anchoring Effect in Litigation: An Empirical Study” mimeo. (slide)

Chen, K.-P., Y. Han, C.-C. Lin and Y.-T. Yu (2016), “Bargaining vs. Posted-Price: Evidence from eBay Motors,” mimeo.

Chen, K.-P., H.-p. Lai, C.-C. Lin, and Y.-T. Yu (2015), “Reserve Price in Online Auctions: Theory and Evidence,” mimeo.

Chen, K.-P. (1994), "Information Processing in Random Matching Games," 1994 North American Summer Meeting of Econometric Society, Quebec, Canada. (Abstract) (PS file) (DVI file).

Chen, K.-P. and C.-F. Chou (2006), "Dynamic Buy-Price English Auction."

Huang, C.-I., K.-P. Chen, J.-R. Chen and C.-F. Chou, (2007), "Bidding Strategies in Parallel Internet Auctions."

Chen, K.-P., C.-F. Chou and T.-S Tsai (2009), "Judicial Torture as a War of Attrition," mimeo.

林常青, 陳恭平, 黃國昌, 賴宏彬 (2014), “紛爭諮詢的尋求:2011年台灣人民紛爭解決行為面訪調查研究之發現, mimeo.














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