BX2AH Frank Chen's ham profile
This paragraph uses many amateur radio jargons, so please bear with me :P

I passed the highest class one amateur radio operator(including a 20 WPM, computer decoded Morse)test in Taiwan on 20 Dec. 2002. The call sign BX2AH was issued to me on Dec. 31, 2002.

The local bureau is CTARL(Chinese Taipei Amateur Radio League). BX is the class 1 ham license prefix in Taiwan. There are 32 class 1 ham operators as of 1, March, 2004.

I am QRV on most CW subbands. I like CW "ragchew" using my MFJ hand key. I enjoy CW contests using my German Schurr paddle as well if time permits. With my low 4-band V-dipole(7/14/21/28 Mhz) on my apartment roof top I have a bit hard time hearing the US stations due to the high elevation angle of my antenna. I have participated in some DX expeditions organized by CTARL and met many interesting hams around the island.

Amateur radio has been a fun hobby to me and is worth a life-long pursuit. I self teach myself the art of radio engineering. ARRL(American Radio Relay league) publications and Internet web sites also help a lot. Among them Prof. David Rutledge of Cal Tec is my admired author. I love readomg his book: the electronics of radio(available at IAA library).

I started poking into the internal design of radio transceivers(filter, PA, mixer, DSP, VCO). Next step will be kit building. An Elecraft K2/K1 rig maybe.

Apart from radio I can be found hiking, listening to jazz/classical or simply being outdoors.

I am a life member of CTARL and member of ARRL. I joined FISTS(www.fists.org) in 2005. I am active in the FISTS East Asia CW net every Sunday 0800Z near 14.054-14.058Mhz.

73, Frank Chen, bx2ah

FISTS #: 15016

HF: IC-746, V-dipole 7/14/21/28. V/UHF: Kenwood V7 mobile, GP 200 antenna

Xin Dian P.O. Box 10192, Taipei county 231, Taiwan