Sun-Kun King
Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics,
Academia Sinica,
11F of Astronomy-Mathematics Building,
National Taiwan University
No.1, Roosevelt Rd, Sec. 4
Taipei 10617, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: (O) 886-2-23665385
Fax: 886-2-23677849

Who am I?
Here is a brief introduction in both Chinese version and English version.
You are also welcome to visit my blog (mainly in Chinese) if there is any comment or question.

Educational Background

Dissertation: A Quantum Model of Fabry-Perot Interferometer in High Precision Length Measurement with Energy Loss

Dissertation: Quantum Mechanical Noise in an Interferometer and Exact Solutions of Loudon-Ni Model

Employment Experience

Postdoctor in Systems Engineering, National Space Program Office, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Associate Researcher in Systems Engineering, National Space Program Office, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Postdoctor at ASIAA

Other Reltaed Experience

Councilor (2002 - 2008), auditor/supervisor (2008 - 2011)

"A Physics Odyssey in the New Century"
(Center for General Education, College of General Studies, Shih Hsin University)

"Introduction to Astronomy"
(Wenshan Community College, Taipei City)

Research Interests

Recent Publications

Preprint, Journal Paper or Papers in Conference and Workshop Proceedings

(Please check my CV in ASIAA homepage for a most updated version.)

1.          Kimura, M. et al., 2016, “Repetitive patterns in rapid optical variations in the nearby black-hole binary V404 Cygni”, Nature, 529, 54, doi: 10.1038/nature16452

2.          Hsiang, Jen-Tsung; Wu, Tai-Hung; Lee, Da-Shin; King, Sun-Kun; Wu, Chun-Hsien, 2013, “Quantum noise in the mirror-field system: A field theoretic approach”, Annals of Physics, 329, 28, doi: 10.1016/j.aop.2012.09.008

3.          King, S.-K., 2011, “TNO, occultation, and high angular resolution astronomy”, EPJ Web of Conferences, 16, id.06006, doi: 10.1051/epjconf/20111606006

Recent Writings on Popular Science appeared in Science Monthly (科學月刊)

(in Chinese, with supplementary materials and additional works available at my blog)


1.          [短評]〈蒼藍一粟〉《科學月刊》603期(20203月)

2.          〈從巨石陣、曼哈頓到高雄 漫談日月的東起西落〉《科學月刊》588201812月)

3.          [短評]〈高能微中子天文學曙光乍現〉《科學月刊》586201810月)

4.          〈重力波偵測器的概念與技術〉《科學月刊》57820182月)

5.          [短評加長版]〈重力波、中子星與LIGO 《科技報導》43320181月)

6.          [短評]〈重力波獨白落幕,多角觀測閃亮登場〉《科學月刊》576201712月)

7.          〈衛星軌道與扁圓的地球〉《科學月刊》56520171月)

8.          [短評]〈衰減的星光:恆星亮度變化暗示文明存在?〉《科學月刊》55420162月)

9.          〈《星際效應》的時空幾何與想像〉《科學月刊》5452015 5月)

10.      〈類星體五十年〉《科學月刊》5272013 11月)

11.      [書評]〈心繫千古事,情縱天外天〉《科學月刊》5192013 3月)

12.      [書評]〈與孫維新談天〉《科學月刊》50820124月)

13.      〈追緝太陽系的隕石威脅〉《科學月刊》50520121月)

14.      〈行星橢圓軌道的古今對話〉 科學月刊》480200912月)

15.      [書評]〈時空隨想─兼評《時光旅人》〉《科學月刊》479 200911月)


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