PGAA: a plant genome annotation pipeline for rice gene and alternatively spliced variant identification with cross-species EST conservation from seven plant species

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PGAA-annotated transcripts in the rice genome

931 transcripts identified by PGAA only (PGAA-specific transcripts)

TIGR-specific transcripts

NCBI-specific transcripts

RAP-specific transcripts

2,657 transcripts that contain the PGAA-specific exonic regions supported by non-rice ESTs

Cross-species EST-to-genome alignments

Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis EST-to-rice genome)

barley (barley EST-to-rice genome)

maize (maize EST-to-rice genome)

rice (rice EST-to-rice genome)

sorghum (sorghum EST-to-rice genome)

soybean (soybean EST-to-rice genome)

wheat (wheat EST-to-rice genome)

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Contact: Dr.Trees-Juen Chuang 

Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taipei 11529, Taiwan

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