600-696GHz Heterodyne Receivers Submillimeter Array of Taiwan

In 2003-2004, two set of 600-696GHz SIS heterodyne receiver for SMA band 1   are developed. The receiver noise temperature, the noise contribution,and the receiver optics beam pattern are measured. the two receiver modules are installed into the receiver chamber of SMA Antenna #7 and #8 located at 4089 meter-high Mauna Kea, Hawaii in October and November 2004, respectively.

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(Left) SMA receiver insert of the 600-696GHz band, and (Right) the Zitex G-108 film 4-layer IR blocking filter in front of the Teflon lens.

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Detail configuration of the 600-696GHz local oscillator module with manual tuners.

Rx1Optics2_TJ0-015b.JPG (52060 bytes)

Measured results of the receiver DSB noise temperature at different IF frequencies. The modules under test are receiver insert #1, optics Insert #2 and LO module #2001-008.


(a)                                                                                                                                     (b)

(c)                                                                    (d)

Measured results of (a),(b) amplitude pattern contours and (c),(d)  phase pattern contours of SMA Antenna-7 and 8 for the 690 GHz SIS receivers with Martin-Puplett diplexers. The amplitude contours are in 3-dB step and phase contours are in 45-degree step. The ripples on the contour come from the residue reflections along the Gaussian beam.

Reference of this work:

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