W-band Subharmonically-Pumped Diode Mixers


Array of Microwave Background Anisotropy (AMiBA)

First Iteration Design

WSHM3_perf.gif (13586 bytes)

wshm3.jpg (24812 bytes)wshm3b_001a.jpg (8805 bytes)

(Left) : detal view of the WSHM3 MMIC chips. (Right) :  packaged modules.

sn001_48ghz.gif (10699 bytes)

Conversion loss test results on the original design specification, with 48 GHz LO frequency.

Second Iteration Design

WSHM2_perf.gif (13263 bytes)

WSHM2_perf2.gif (10278 bytes)

wshm1.jpg (14567 bytes)    wshm2.jpg (15266 bytes)

Second iteration W-band Sarmonically pumped diode mixer.

CL_WSHM2.jpg (17486 bytes)


CL_WSHM2_LO.jpg (18858 bytes)


Measured results of mixer MMIC and modules of the conversion loss over (a) RF frequency and (b) different LO power.