refereed publications

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    (2017, ApJS, in press)
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    (2017, PASJ, in press)
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    (2017, PASJ, in press)
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    (2017, PASJ, in press)
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    (2017, PASJ, in press)
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    (2017, ApJ, submitted)
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    (2017, PASJ, in press)
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    (2017, PASJ, in press)
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    (2017, AJ, submitted)
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    (2017, PASJ, in press)
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non-refereed publications

  1. Galaxy Evolution Studies with Deep, Wide-field, Near-Infrared Surveys
    (2009; white paper submitted to decadal survey astro2010)
    S.A. Stanford, B. Holden, A. Gonzalez, Y.-T. Lin, C. Papovich, R. Somerville, D. Stern, Z. Zheng, M. Dickinson, M. Brodwin, A. Cooray, J.S. Bloom [ADS]
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    (2012, Physics Bimonthly, v.34, no.1, p.14; invited review in Chinese)
    Yen-Ting Lin [pdf]
  3. Let's talk about Dark Energy
    (2012, ASIAA Quarterly, v.3; invited popular article in Chinese)
    Yen-Ting Lin [online version]
  4. Measuring Morphology in Astronomical Images
    (2014, ASIAA Quarterly, v.3; invited popular article in Chinese)
    Yen-Ting Lin [online version]


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