Hans Chun-Hung Lin's lab
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Chun-Hung Lin Ph.D.
Research Fellow & Associate Director
Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
No.128, Academia Road Sec. 2, Nan-Kang, Taipei, 11529, Taiwan
Tel: (886-2) 2789-0110;   Fax: (886-2) 2651-4705
Academic Appointments
1997-02 Assistant Research Fellow, the Institute of Biological Chemistry,
Academia Sinica
2002-07 Associate Research Fellow, the Institute of Biological Chemistry,
Academia Sinica
2007- Research Fellow in the Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica
2007- Adjunct Research Fellow in the Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica
2008- Adjunct Professor in the Institute of Biochemical Sciences, National Taiwan University

1995 V 1997 Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Research Fellow in Dept. of Biol. Chem. & Mol. Pharm.
Advisor: Prof. Christopher T. Walsh
1990 V 1995 Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Advisor: Prof. Chi-Huey Wong
1986 V 1990 National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
B.S. in Chemistry

1) Glaxo Fellowship: 1993 V 1994
2) Heritage Prize and Fellowship of the Lee Foundation:
1998-1999 for the scholarly development of excellent junior faculty
3) A co-recipient of the 2000 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award honoring C.-H. Wong:
for Enzymes in Large-scale Organic Synthesis
4) Mentor Recognition Award 2005, University of California at San Diego (UCSD):
due to research excellence of Ms. Chiung-Fang Chang (a former student) at UCSD.
5) Excellent Young Scientist (from the Chemical Society at Taipei): 2006
6) The Distinguished Lectureship Award of the Asian International Symposium by the Chemical Society of Japan:Mar 2007, for the design and synthesis of glyco-enzyme inhibitors
7) Selected as one of The 2008 Top 10 Rising Stars in Taiwan by the Central News Agency of Taiwan
8) Young Affiliate of TWAS (The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World) (2008-2012)
9) The 2009 Lectureship Award to visit Japan supported by Asian Core Program
10) The 2010 Young Scholar Award of Tien-De Li Biomedical Foundation
11) The 2010 Yong Investigator Award of Academia Sinica
12) Investigator Award of Academia Sinica, 2011
13) The 2011 Lectureship Award to visit Korea supported by Asian Core Program
14) 2014 Outstanding Research Award of National Science Council

1) Secretary-general, the Biophysics Society of Taiwan: 2002V2004
2) Board member of the Glycoscience Foundation, Taiwan: 2004V
3) Member, Committee of the International Affairs, Academia Sinica, 2007V
4) Member, Precious Instrument Oversight Committee, Academia Sinica, 2008
5) Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry, 2008-
6) Member, Committee of International Affairs, Academia Sinica, 2008-
7) Member of Editorial Board, Carbohydrate Research, 2011-
8) Coordinator of the UC Davis Quarter Abroad Program at Academia Sinica (focused on Pharmaceutical Chemistry), 2011
9) Chair of Graduate Studies Committee, Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics, Taiwan International Graduate Program, Academia Sinica, 2012-
10) National Representative of Taiwan to International Carbohydrate Organization, 2012-
11) National Representative of Asian Chemical Biology Conference

Courses Teaching
(1) Drug Design and Development (2 h per week in the 2nd semester, 2 credits)
(2) Advanced Chemical Biology I (4 h per week in the 1st semester, 3 credits)
(3) Glycobiology (to share with Dr. KH Khoo; 2 h per week in the 2nd semester, 2 credits)

Research Interest
Research in Lins lab involves multi-disciplinary areas including glycobiology, enzymology, synthetic chemistry and structural biology. Emphasis is stressed on (1) carbohydrate-related enzymes, in particular in association with diseases, and (2) protein cysteine modification linked to redox regulation. Development of enzyme inhibitors and molecular probes has been carried out to investigate how small molecules interact with proteins and in turn, to understand how they intervene in the pathogenesis or become useful for diagnosis.

Society Membership
American Chemical Society (ACS), Forum: Carbohydrates Coming of Age (Japan), Glyco-forum of Taiwan, Taiwan Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The Biophysics Society of Taiwan
The Chemical Society at Taipei, Taiwan Proteomics Society


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