East Asian Square Kilometer Array Consortium Workshop 2012 (29 May 2012)


Room 1107 (11F), ASIAA Astronomy-Mathematics Building

Same building as the EA VLBI workshop but on the 11F.

Please don't forget to reserve a hotel by yourself.


*: Presentation through video-conference; please send me your slides beforehand.

Session I. Site Selection, Regional Activities
Chair: Hiroyuki Hirashita

10:00-10:30 Regional activities (5 minutes per presentation)

Keitaro Takahashi (J) "Activities of SKA-Japan Consortium"
Paul Ho (T) "Activities of Radio Astronomy in Taiwan"
Jongsoo Kim (K) "SKA-related activities in Korea"
Xiang Zhang* (C) "SKA activities in China"

10:30-10:40 Bo Peng* (C) "Site Selection and News from SPO and Board"

Session II. Engineering Collaboration Items

10:40-12:00 Presentations to find common interests (maximum 15 min)

Jongsoo Kim (K) "Software Correlator"
Bong Won Sohn (K) "Power and Dish"
Hiroyuki Nakanishi (J) "FPGA correlator for a wideband reciever system"
Chau-Ching Chiong (T) "Possible Instrumentation Development Items for SKA at ASIAA"
Yuanpeng Zheng* (C) "DVAC progress"

12:00-13:30 lunch box

Session III. Science Collaboration Items
Chair: Keitaro Takahashi

13:30-15:00 Presentations to find common interests (maximum 15 min)

Tsutomu T. Takeuchi* (J) "Fluctuation, Stars, and Galaxies: Light and Shadow of the Cosmic Structure Formation through HI"
Hiroshi Imai (J) "Current activity in GASKAP and its feedback to EA-SKA collaboration"
Hiroyuki Hirashita (T) "Cosmology, galaxy evolution, and AGN with lines and continuum"
Jongsoo Kim (K) "Magnetic Fields in the Cosmic Web and Synchrotron Emission"
Qian Zheng* (C) "China SKA Path Finder: 21CMA"

15:00-15:30 tea/coffee

Chair: Jongsoo Kim

15:30-16:30 discussion

16:30-17:00 Jongsoo Kim "Summary"

18:30- dinner



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