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The Biophysics Core Facility (BCF) of the Scientific Instrument Center, Academia Sinica, is located in Room 402 in the Institute of Biological Chemistry. Previously known as Molecular Characterization Core, the facility, in operation since 2008, is the home of several state-of-art instruments, providing technical support for facility users in terms of training, scheduling, workshops, user certification, trouble shooting and instrument maintenance. To learn about BCF's training courses, please visit our Courses website.

BCF currently houses the following instruments:
Analytical ultracentrifuge (ProteomeLab XL-I),
Bio-layer interferometry (Gatorplus and Octet RED96),
Circular dichroism (Chirascan+ CD),
Differential scanning calorimeter (Auto PEAQ-DSC),
Differential scanning fluorimetry (Tycho NT.6),
Dynamic and static light scattering spectrometer (DynaPro NanoStar),
Isothermal titration calorimeter (iTC200 and Auto PEAQ-iTC),
Mass photometry (TwoMP),
Surface plasmon resonance (Biacore T200 & Biacore 8K).

In combination of results from each instrument, researchers gain insights into the thermodynamics, kinetics and structural information for interactions of biological molecules.

BCF staff:
Manager: Dr. Jao, Shu-Chuan Chris 饒淑娟 博士
Assistant: Miss Yu, Jin-Hsuan 余金璇 小姐
Assistant: Mr. Huang, Xin-Jie 黃信傑 先生
Tel: 2785-5696 x4024

BCF User Committee members (Apr. 2022-):
Dr. Chen, Pei-Yeh Rita (Chairman, Institute of Biological Chemistry)
Dr. Chu, Hsiu-An (Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology)
Dr. Ho, Cheng-Hsun (Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center)
Dr. Hsia, Kuo-Chiang (Institute of Molecular Biology)
Dr. Huang, Jen-Tse Joseph (Institute of Chemistry)
Dr. Li, Tsung-Lin (Genomics Research Center)
Dr. Hu, Che-Ming Jack (Institute of BioMedical Sciences)


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