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2012 Graduates! 2012 尾牙聚餐 2013 尾牙聚餐
Happy Teacher's Day! 2011 Teacher's Day! 2011 Teacher's Day! 2012 Emily! 2012 Gina!
2011Grace! 2011Ann! 2011Grads! 2010 合照! 2010 合照!
2010 九份! Year End Party 2010! 2010 Grads! 2010 Grads! 2010 合照!
Year End 2009! Year End 2009! Lotto! Food! Food!
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Food! Food! Food!
Who's birthday? Yang Ming Hiking! Yang Ming Hiking! Wani graduated! You guys are heavy!
孩子們去尋寶, 咱倆老就在這裡等吧! "Boldly go where no man has gone before!!" We can soar! Gold Mine Exit Museum of Gold


Here it is!

We found GOLD!
2008下午茶 It is my turn. I didn't do it. 十分瀑布 實驗順利!
 2008 遠企聚餐  We are starving! Welcome to Taiwan.   Just had a good meal! ㄚ~~~流星! 

        Lenselot shared the happiness with everybody! Good job, Lenselot and Owen, winning the 2007 JCCS Annual Best Article Award.

2007茶莊 終於畢業了 We "Girls" Benson Wedding Avery 2007
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實驗室外陽台 葡萄 頭城 頭城 球來了
Lab6 Lab7 Lab8 Lab4
吶喊 聚餐 天燈 Group Meeting 實驗室
Dewey 2006 京采2007 積怨已久 Farewell Erica Farewell Erica
金山2006 Icy Latte Farewell Wing